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Top 17 Bookmarking Apps That Pretty Much Save Everything You Discover Online

Top 17 Bookmarking Apps That Pretty Much Save Everything You Discover Online

Have you stumbled across something interesting online and kept the window open to read it later?

Then accidentally closed your browser?

It’s a common problem.

Bookmarking has become a way of browsing the internet because you’re not always in a place to read instantly.

Whether you want to plan your next day trip or revisit your favourite web pages, bookmarking apps help you track the posts you want to remember.

As a blogger, I consume lots of content from news, background research to industry trends.

Being able to access and find information quickly is crucial for me.

That is why I use bookmarking apps to stay organised and avoid the 50-tabs open syndrome.

The downside of using the browser extension within the browser itself is it doesn’t give you a way to organise your bookmarks.

With the help of extensions/tools, you can have all your bookmarked pages in one place.

These tools allow you to add, edit, delete and organise the web pages you’ve bookmarked.

Here’s my curated list of some of the most innovative bookmark manager tools for 2017.


1. Start.Me


I’ve been using for a while and I absolutely love it!

It has a great user interface, really simple and best part it did a great job of organising all my existing bookmarks. is a web-based personal start page with an integrated bookmarks manager.

The tool supports news feeds and has a library with thousands of widgets that help connect to popular services and custom data sources.

Screenshot of my Dashboard


By being able to properly organise your favourite websites, you will save valuable time not having to search for the address of a site.

I would highly recommend you give a try.

Key features:

  • Keyword alerts
  • Embed Analytics
  • Offers calendar support
  • Bookmarks are stored in the cloud
  • Categorises your bookmarks
  • Keeps the news you value in view

2. BookMark Ninja

$23.88/Month – 30 Day Free Trial

Bookmark Ninja is a cloud-based tool that allows you to access your bookmark from any device.

That means all the bookmarks that you create whether on desktop or mobile they’re instantly available.

The tool also allows you to email the link to the page you want to save to add[at]bookmarking[dot]com from your registered email.

Your email automatically gets added to a list.

Bookmark Ninja also lets you create your own category and tabs, so each time you add a new link it gets added into a category.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based service
  • Email links to your dashboard
  • Categorise and Manage bookmarks
  • Adds tags to your bookmarks


3. Google Bookmarks


This is a free service offered by Google and can be used with any browser.

There is nothing impressive about this extension other than the fact that it allows you to easily bookmark links.

It’s a simple bookmark manager app.

This app is not the same as the default extension offered by Google Chrome.

Key features:

  • Is best for Firefox browser users
  • Allows you to have subfolders
  • It is the best cross-browser usable bookmark service
  • Categories, tags and changing folders is much easier in Google bookmarks.



4. Diigo


Diigo lets you bookmark pages from the browser to your account using its simple, light app.

The tool allows you to organise everything from text notes, pictures, links and bookmarks into lists added to your library.

It’s more than just a bookmarking service, it a new kind of online collaborative research tool.

Diigo integrates tags and folders, highlighting and clipping sticky notes enabling a new process of online knowledge management.

Key features:

  • Personal research tool
  • Collaborative research platform
  • Social content site
  • Knowledge sharing community


5. Dewey Bookmarks


Dewey is a browser extension for tagging, searching and sorting your Google chrome bookmarks.

The tool displays your bookmarks in a grid with each bookmark displayed as a card.

It also lets you sort the grid by date, title or web address.

Unfortunately, this extension only works with Google Chrome browser.

Key features:

  • Displays bookmarks in a grid
  • Sorting available
  • Allows grouping into folders
  • Enables editing of bookmarks URL or title.


6. Bookmarks Tagger


This is yet another Google chrome extension tool that allows you to add tags to your new and existing bookmarks.

The extension is available on the Chrome Web store.

When you want to add a new bookmark you simply hit the button, and add your tags.

You can then retrieve the pages quickly from the address bar itself.

Key Features:

  • Tags new and existing bookmarks
  • Built-in bookmarking feature in Chrome
  • It’s simple to search.


7. Hush Bookmarks



When you’re browsing in Chrome’s Incognito mode, private bookmarks gives you a way to hide and show a special list of bookmarks.

To access your bookmarks you may need a Password.

With this extension, you can manage all your bookmarks more efficiently.

You can also create folders for all your bookmarks for easy access.

Key features

  • Safe and secure
  • Password protect all your bookmarks
  • Bookmarks are completely encrypted
  • Gives you a special list if bookmarks just in incognito mode.


8. Own Cloud Bookmarks



Available as a chrome extension it allows you to manage and organise your bookmarks a lot easier.

The tool allows you to sort and organise your bookmarks into distinct categories.

If you want to add a bookmark to the bookmarks application, you can either use the main interface or the bookmarklet.

A “Bookmarklet” is a small button that you can drag and drop in your bookmarks.

Key features:

  • Edit/Delete a bookmark
  • Search for bookmarks
  • “Bookmarklet” feature
  • Save bookmarks into categories


9. Neater Bookmarks


Neater bookmarks manage your bookmarks in an efficient and compact manner.

The tool is available is a Google Chrome extension.

When you install the extension your bookmarks are arranged like a tree with indentations to the folder or subfolder.

The options of the extension also let you control how the bookmarks are opened.

Key features:

  • Gives your browser a tree like a view
  • Can retain your previous bookmarks menu view
  • User-friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.


10. Save to Pocket



Save to pocket is a popular “Read it later” app available for iOS and Android.

You can browse and search your saved items in Pocket and seamlessly share them.

Just recently Pocket for Firefox was launched allowing Firefox users to save content using the pre-installed Pocket button.

The idea at the core of the service is you have one Pocket account but numerous apps can plug into it to save content for later.

Key Features:

  • Saving an article for later takes just a moment
  • Create simple browser bookmarks
  • Dedicated space for all links
  • Improves reading experience


11. Skloog


Skloog is a simple organisation tool that allows you to access all your favourites websites by simply clicking on their logo.

The tool also allows you to arrange all your favourite websites into categories. Each category is then displayed as a tab on your Skloog dashboard.

You can access your bookmarks easily by searching it by entering its first few letters.

Key features:

  • Sorts your bookmarks by URL, name, date they were added
  • Let’s you search the web right from your start page
  • Optimises your browsing experience
  • Quick access to all your favourite sites


12. Instapaper


In my opinion, Instapaper is the best “Read it Later” service on the internet. It works similarly to Pocket.

The tool offers you a simple way to save and store articles for reading: offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

Just recently, November 2016, Instapaper dropped its monthly subscription offering its service ad-free to all users.

Key Features:

  • Sort by length, read progress, or popularity
  • Option of sorting into folders
  • Able to share individual passages of articles
  • Ties into the web automation service IFTTT.
  • Ability to save articles via email.


13. Historious


Historious saves a copy of bookmarked web pages saving you time by helping you find them easily.

You can bookmark your sites with a single click.

The tool allows you to search for any word in the content of the pages you’ve already bookmarked.

Key features:

  • Simple search tool
  • Records cached version of the pages you’ve bookmarked
  • Bookmark your favourite sites with just a single click.


14. Evernote Web Clipper


Evernote is the world’s most popular note taking app.

If you’re not already familiar with this amazing app start by reading my review here

Evernote web clipper browser extension allows you to clip anything and everything you find online and add it to your notebooks.

You can access Evernote from your browser, PC, mobile or tablet.

All your saved links, pdf files and photos are stored on the cloud and synchronised across all your devices.

Key Features:

  • Captures everything; if you can see it or think it, Evernote can help you remember it.
  • Everything you capture is organised into Notebooks
  • You can find anything fast through its advanced search filters
  • Let’s you save interesting stuff you find on the web.


15. Zoho Notebook


Zoho Notebook is an equally fantastic note taking app which is relatively unknown.

It’s a great tool to help you build your own personal online notebook.

As soon as you start the app, you will be brought to a screen that showcases the apps best-handcrafted covers.

Key Features:

  • Visually organise your notes into notebook
  • Offers tutorials on how to group your notes
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easily links to your Facebook and Google account.
  • All your notes are saved automatically on the cloud and synced across different devices.


16. Xmarks



Xmarks is a browser add-on compatible with internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

You can synchronise all your bookmarks online across multiple browsers.

The tool goes a step further and is capable of synchronising passwords between computers, even if different browsers are installed.

Xmarks is the easiest way to ensure that your bookmarked websites can be accessed from ay computer.

Key features:

  • Password synchronization
  • Bookmarks can be accessed from any computer
  • Provides additional information about websites including visitor reviews


17. Simple Note


The simple note app offers a simple way of taking plain text notes online.

The tool is a web-based application with client interfaces for a great number of platforms.

Simple note allows you to search through all your notes almost instantly.

Key Features:

  • Simple web and mobile app
  • Syncs your notes to Dropbox if your wish
  • Search through all your bookmarks and notes easily.


Over to You,

It’s so easy to read an article or discover a cool web page you like, only to forget it and never find it again.

With bookmark manager tools there’s no reason you have to lose stuff you find online.

With little effort, you can have a curated list of all your favourite pages neatly organised in one place.

Switching between desktop to mobile?

No problem, these online bookmarking remain the same no matter what device or browser you’re using.

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67+ Awe-Inspiring Websites To Find Magnificent Free Stock Photos.

67+ Awe-Inspiring Websites To Find Magnificent Free Stock Photos.

Are you finding it a hustle to find good quality free stock photos online?

Don’t have a budget for stock photography?

You’re probably not alone.

When I first started blogging I’d spend hours scouring the web for free stock photos that don’t look cheap or cheesy. I dreaded this experience.

I also did not have a budget for stock photography my only option at the time was finding websites with free high-resolution images.

Fortunately, I stumbled on quite a number.

In this article, I will share with you what I think is currently the most comprehensive list of free stock imagery websites for 2017.

With over 67+ free stock photo website reviews, you’ll be guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

Important To Note About Licenses

All the stock photo websites mentioned in this article are free of copyright restrictions or licensed under the creative commons zero (CC0) public domain.

Which basically means you can copy, modify, distribute all their images without asking for permission.

Stock photography from these websites can be used for commercial as well as your personal projects.

I will still advise you to do your own research and determine how these images can be used.

1. Gratisography

Gratisography is filled with lots of quirky images like the one shared above. They are filled with high- quality resolution images that have the potential to make you laugh or even inspire you.

All images on this website are free to use and do not require attribution. All the photos on Gratisography are taken by Ryan McGuire.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is my favorite free stock image gallery. It currently has over 900,000 Free quality images that are released free of copyrights.

All the pictures on Pixabay are available for commercial or personal use. You can distribute, download and modify all their photos and the best attribution is not required.

3. Pexels

Pexels is another awesome website that has over thousand free stock photos that you use for commercial purposes.

They also do not require any attribution and they also have high-resolution images for retina displays too.

All their images are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) which basically means you can modify, distribute, copy and distribute all the images on their website.


4. Morgue File

Morgue File does not have a large selection of images as the other websites mentioned above.

They offer a handful of carefully selected photos presented in a streamlined layout. MorgueFile covers a wide range topics so you’re sure to find a number of really good high-quality images.

All their images are available for commercial use and do not require any attribution.

 5. Free Range Stock

Thousands of high-resolution images are available on the Free stock range stock website.

Something really cool and different about this website is they have a revenue sharing model with their photographers.

The only downside to this website is you must create a free account to download photos.


6. Free Digital Photos

They only offer their smallest size photos for free, their larger sized photos prices start at $3.00.

It’s also important to note that images on the website require attribution. If the images is used for free you must acknowldedge it to and the image creator/owner on the same page or screen.

Sounds like alot right? Probably is, if you want to avoid all this you always have the option of purchasing the image to avoid this requirement.

7. Photogen

Photogen has a searchable database that makes it easy to acess their gallery of over 50 million + images.

All their images are free to use for commercial and personal projects and do not require attribution.

8. Stock Photos For Free

Another website that has thousands of high quality free images available on their website.

The only downside to thiis site is you have to create a free account to download their images.

9. Unsplash

Unsplash was one of the pioneers of Free Stock Images under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License.

This basically meant that you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free even including commercial purposes.

Unsplash photos do not require attribution which means you can use them without asking for permission

10. Free Images

Free Images website has a large database of free stock images with currently over 389, 851 photos and illustrations.

I love the fact that their images on their website are searchable which makes it really easy to access high-quality images related to your keywords.

Free Images also categorizes their photos and they are all available for commercial use.

11. Pic Jumbo

Picjumbo allows you to download their photos without requiring login in.

All their images are free to use for your personal and commercial projects plus they do not require attribution.

Another really cool feature they’ve added is the social sharing buttons that are available.

Images on this website are not searchable.


12. IM Free

Images on IM Free are searchable and are categorized which makes navigation extremely simple and easy.

They also go beyond just free stock images they also offer a collection of free resources.

The big difference with this site is their images are not under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) they are under a Third Part Intellectual Rights.


13. Little Visuals

I honestly wasn’t too sure if I should add this website I will tell you why in a moment.

Little Visuals no longer upload images on their website but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the ones already published on their site.

Unfortunately, the young man who created the website passed away. His family still maintains the website and raises funds to a charity through the site.


14. New Old Stock

New Old Stock images require no attribution that means you can use them for free in all your commercial projects.

The only downside to this website is their images are not searchable.

 15. Get Refe

GetRefe provides you with real life photos that are free to use for commercial and personal use.

That means that all their images require no attributions.

They also have a large collection of high-resolution images.

16. Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri used to upload stock photos every Thursday then he stopped for a while I’m glad he’s back. His latest post was three weeks ago so that’s great.

All the images on his website are under the CC0 license.


17. Public Domain Archive

Public Domain Archive mostly consists of images that have symmetry and color.

They have an expansive online collection of high resolution images.

The only downside is their images are not searchable.

18. Magdeline

Stock images on this website are updated every single day.

Magdaline categorizes their images by color, tag or category.

Unfortunately attribution is required for all their stock images.


19. Libre Shot

Libre shot scans and indexes stock images from 40+ different websites.

They have a large database of high resolution free stock images that you can use for commercial purposes.

I also love the fact that their website is searchable.

20. Kaboom Pics

They have a great collection of high-quality images.

All their stock images are free to use and can be used even for commercial purposes.

21. Bucket Listly

Mostly consists of images from travel photography from all over the world.

With over 5000+ images to choose from you will be spoiled for choice.

All their images are under the CC0 which means no attribution is required and can be used for commercial purposes.


22. Travel Coffee Book

Sharing a wide collection of travel stock photos that are all under CC0.

No attribution is required.


23. Foodies Feed

Are you a foodie?

With over 1000+ realistic free food pictures in high resolution you’re probably going to be one.

You can use their images for commercial as well in your personal projects.


24. Cupcake

No attribution is required.

All their images are licensed under CC0 which means you can do whatever you want with them.

A clear downside to this website is their images are not searchable.

25. Moveast

No attribution is required and all their images are under the CC0 license.

Unfortunately, their images are not searchable.


26. Stock Pic

They require you to create a free account before you download their images.

One cool feature is they update their stock images every two weeks so that may be an incentive for you to sign up.

All their images are under the CC0 license.


27. Split Shire

I love the way they categorize their stock photos.

You can use images from this website for commercial use with no attribution required.

Perhaps a downside is their photos are not searchable.

28. Snapwire Snaps

You can access a wide selection of authentic unique imagery for all your project needs.

Their images require no attribution.

They have over 370,000 photos from a community of photographers.

Snapwire requires that you sign up for a free account.

29. Stock Snaps

Stock Snaps offer a wide range of high resolution images free of copyright restrictions.

No attributions are required for their images.

30. MY Stock

My stock images are beautiful I occasionally go to this website.

All their images are loyalty free, that means you can use them for commercial use.

31. Graphic Stock

Graphic Stock has over 300,000+ high-resolution images, vectors images, and illustrations.

No attribution is required.

You may be required to create a free acount inorder to download their images.

32. Street Will

Street Will is made of vintage photos that you can use for all your commercial or personal projects.

The only downside I would say is their images are not searchable.

33. Free JPG

Free JPG has a unique feature on their website which allows you to search for stock images by color.

I found this feature quite unique as comparing it with other similar websites.

All their images are free to use they way you want.

34. Realistic Shots

Realistic photos offers a wide collection of high resolution images that are all under the CC0.

They also upload 7 new photos every week.

No attribution is required.

35. Epicva

Epicva consists of a team of photograhy enthusiats.

Their images require attribution and are not under the CC0 license. That means you may have limited use of their stock photos and you may not use them for commercial purposes.

36. Shutterstock

Shutterstock offers you the option to search and download millions of free stock images through their website.

No attribution is required.

37. Creative Vix

They offer a wide range of stock images.

You can use their images for all your projects including commercial.

No attribution is required.

38. Boss Fight

Boss Fight updates their website with 10-20 high resolution images every single day.

The only downside I would say is their images are not searchable.

39. Minimography

Looking for minimalist photos for your blog?

Minimography is your perfect choice.

All the stock images on their website are royalty-free and do not require attribution.

40. Skitter Photo

Skitter Phot does not require you to log in to access their photos.

They is a large collection of royalty-free images.


41. Free Pixel

Free Pixel offers stock images for both commercial and personal use.

Their website is not the easiest to navigate but it has a search function which is awesome.

42. Negative Space

Negative Space is well deisgned and has a search function.

All their photos are completely free to use for commercial purposes and require no attribution.

All their images are licensed under CC0 license.

43. Life of Pix

Life of Pix allows you to share and download images freely.

The website is well designed and has a search function making it easy to navigate and find stock images.

You may be required to create a free account before you download images.

44. Free Stocks

The website contains a curated list of free stock images, audio, and videos. The sell it as one stop shop for all your royalty free media.

Free Stock’s website is not easy to navigate if we are to compare it to other similar sites mentioned in this article.

No attribution is required.

45. Startup Stock

All their images are free of copyright restrictions.

I like this website and I occasionally visit the site to check on their latest updates.

Defintely one you should check out.


46. Re: Splashed

They have a large collection of high resolution photos licensed under CC0 which means you can do whatever you want with them.

The website is also well deisgned easy to navigate.

No attribution is required.

47. Picography

Picography is a well designed website with a large collection of high quality royalty free images.

Their images are not searchable which makes hard to navigate and find images.

No attribution is required.

48. ISO Republic

ISO Republic markets to creatives who want free royalty free images.

No attribution is required.

49. Function

Function offers resources and inspiration to designers.

No attribution is required.

You can use their royalty free images for commercial use.


50. Raumrot

Raumrot has a great website design with over 1438 free & curated stock photos.

Each image is handpicked.

A downside is the website is not searchable.

51. 1 Million Free Picture

What would you do with over 1 million pictures at your disposal?

I’ll tell you… ALOT!

The website has a great design and quite a number of free high-resolution images which you can use for your personal and commercial projects.

52. The British Library

The British Library encourages you to explore and re-use millions of public domain images for personal and commercial use.

Now that I’m writing about this I’m thinking why doesn’t my native country Kenya have one of this?

Anyway, The British Library have released over a million images onto Flickr Commons for anyone to use.

Probably would be worth checking out.

53. Vintage

Vintage offers you thousands of free retro photos for your commercial projects.

The website is searchable and has a modern design that makes it very easy to navigate.

No attribution is required.

54. Je Shoots

Je Shoots offers Free stock photos and PSD mockups.

All their images are free to use and are in high resolution.

Images are searchable.

55. Passel

Passel has over 24,000 images on their website currently.

All their images are free to use in commercial and personal projects

No attribution is required.

56. Every Stock Photo

The website is an online portal to search for free stock photos.

All the stock photos are listed under the CC0 that means you can do whatever you want with them.

No attribution is required.

57. Death to the stock photo

They offer free monthly stock photos for all your creative needs.

All their images are free to use for commercial and personal projects.

No attribution required.

58. Space X

All their images are licensed under the CC0 that means all copyrights have been waived.

No attribution is required.

59. The Pic Pac

The Pic Pac has a great site design with all their images sectioned into categories.

You can do whatever you want with the stock photos.

No attribution is required.

60. Barn Image

Barn image has a large collection of non-stock photography for all your design needs.

All their images are available for commercial use.

No attribution is required.

61. Snapwire Snaps

Snapwire Snaps is a well-designed website tat has over 368,000 custom photos

You may be required to create a free account before you download any of their images.

No attribution is required.

62. Old Book Illustration

Old book illustration offers scanned images from old books are are all free to use.

All their images are royalty free and can be used for commercial purposes.

No attribution is required.

63. Wikimedia Commons

They offer a large selection of over 2 million + public domain and free stock photos.

Can be used for commercial purposes as well as personal projects.

No attribution is required.

64. Foter

Foter is a search database for stock photos.

All their images are registered under the CC0.

With over 335 million images you’ll be spoiled for choice.


65. Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt is equally a search database with over 354 million + free images.

No attribution is required.

66. Tookapic Stock

Tookapic Stock has thousands of free stock photos available for commercial use.

No attribution is required.

The website is well designed and is easy to navigate.

67. 123 RF

Commonly known for their premium stock images but they offer others for free.

Not a big fan of their free images because they come in low quality.

No attribution is required.

68. Pic Jumbo

Pic Jumbo offers a wide selection of free stock photos.

All the images on the website are available for commercial and personal use.

No attribution is required.


Over To You,

Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re a marketer, blogger or designer, you’ll find stock photography extremely useful.

We believe that our curated list of resources is invaluable.

Find the site that appeals the most to your brand.

You be the judge.

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13 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Your Small Business

13 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Your Small Business

There’s no denying that Google Chrome is the best browser in the world.

Google’s senior vice president of product, announced last year that Chrome has passed 1 billion active users. That means you’re probably reading this article from a chrome browser.

Chrome is arguably more than a browser: It also doubles as a productivity tool.

Think about it, these days we often rely on the use our Google chrome extensions even without giving it much thought.

As a serious blogger, I often have so much on my plate. From writing, promotion, design, scheduling, content research, planning and on top of all that I have other commitments that demand my attention.

You’re probably thinking, how in world can one person make time for all that?

Well, I make maximum use of my Google Chrome extensions.They truly do simplify my daily workload.

Google Chrome offers a wide variety of extensions specifically designed for small business owners and bloggers who have multiple things to juggle online.

This article is basically a curated list of all the extensions I am currently using.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 3
Screenshot of my Installed Google Chrome Extensions.


By no means am I suggesting that these are the only extensions available for use . These extensions have helped me grow my blog to what you see today.

My hope is that they become as much a part of your daily life as they are with mine.

And just in case you’re wondering, all the tools listed below are free, so let’s get started.


1. Grammarly

Find Out More


Do yourself a favor and install this extension today, I promise, you won’t regret it.

Hands down Grammarly is my favorite Google Chrome extension at the moment for one simple reason, it helps me write better content.

Publishers and bloggers often do most of their writing directly from their browsers commonly through the WordPress Editor.

Grammarly keeps a check on your spelling and grammar when you’re writing online and ensures that you never again make a fool of yourself online.

This tool works across Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and pretty much any website with a text editor.

I have to be honest, I have tested other similar extensions but there really isn’t any other alternative tool that functions quite as well as Grammarly does.


2. Buffer

Find Out More


Almost every blogger I know has this extension installed on their browser.

Buffer is the easiest, smartest and most frictionless way to share content on social media.

I have been a paying customer for Buffer, for the last two years, and I’ve used the tool from day one of launching my blog.

What I love most about Buffer is it’s more than just a scheduling tool.

Buffer chrome extension allows you to easily share interesting articles you’ve found online and instantly share it across all your social media channels, with one simple click.

Social media managers can also use Buffer to manage multiple accounts from one Dashboard.

Buffer’s super simple to use, extremely effective and once installed you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


3. Boomerang for Gmail

Find Out More


If your business uses Google apps and products like Gmail, then this extension will come in handy.

Boomerang is a browser add-on available for Chrome that lets you schedule emails for a point in the future, even if you’re not online.

It’s perfect for automated business replies, not forgetting birthdays, and sending messages at a time when you know the recipient will be available.

It also lets you control when you receive email messages so say you are on vacation and don’t want to be bothered or you know when you see that email you will be tempted to reply,  then you should consider using Boomerang.


4. Evernote Web Clipper

Find Out More


Another one of my favorites.

In fact, I love Evernote so much that I actually wrote an entire article specifically dedicated to this tool.

For those of us who have never heard of Evernote, I would suggest you start by reading my review here. 

Evernote Web Clipper is simply a Google extension of the Evernote app.

A huge part of any bloggers life is research, research and more research. We are always searching and reading online articles to get inspiration for our own articles.

I’m not even kidding when I say this, my life has become so much easier with Evernote Web Clipper.

The extension allows you to share and store articles or Web Pages that you find interesting for later consumption by “clipping” them.

By default, you can save a single article (or select multiple manually) from a page with multiple articles, save the whole page, save a simplified version of an article, screenshot the page, save Gmail conversations, PDF’s, images or bookmark them for later.

You can also choose to share them via email or on your social networks.


5. Gmail Offline

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This is a beta extension by Google that allows you to read, search, respond, and archive email without a working internet connection.

I don’t use this tool often, mostly because I am almost always around an internet connection but it’s always a great thing to have. You never know when you might need it.

This extension downloads a copy of all your emails and stores them locally on your computer which can be accessed at any time.

If you’re working offline all your messages and queued actions are instantly synchronized with your email server the next time your computer finds a connection.


6. Pinterest

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Is Pinterest your main source of traffic?

Well if not, it probably will after you install the Pinterest Chrome extension.

This extension allows you to easily Pin your articles, save and share them directly to your Pinterest boards without having to move from your current window.

It’s a great way to instantly share your latest blog posts on  Pinterest.

Personally, I mostly use this extension to Pin images from my Instagram page.

It’s as simple as opening your Instagram page on your browser and clicking on the Pinterest button and you’re all set.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 2
Screenshot of my Instagram Page After Clicking on the Pinterest Extension.

Pinterest Google chrome extension makes it easy for you to share your Instagram posts to your Pinterest Boards.

This is a great way to make good use of all the hard work and time it took to design your Instagram pictures.

Use of hashtags on your Instagram Page will also help you get found faster on Pinterest through search.


7. Color Zilla

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Design happens to be a huge part of any brand’s online success, and color is at the heart of it.

Color Zilla allows you to literally “pick” any color on your browser by just clicking the browser extension button.

You can later paste the “picked color” onto any of your current designs that you are currently working on.

I mostly use this browser extension with a website called design-seeds. Design seeds is a must know for any serious publisher who designs graphics to support their posts.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 1
Design Seeds Homepage

Color Picker continues to help me design better graphics for my websites and social media pages.


8. MailTrack

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This will probably be one of those extensions you wish you had installed sooner.

Want to know if that important email was actually read — or ignored?

MailTrack lets you track an unlimited number of emails for free.

With a free account, all emails you send are tracked; there’s nothing else you need to do other than write and send your email as you normally would.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 7

The first checkmark is green, it means that the email was sent using MailTrack. The second checkmark turns green to indicate that the tracked email was opened.

This extension even goes further by giving you details of all instances of the email being opened, and what operating system the recipient used to open it.

9. WiseStamp

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Wisestamp lets you create beautiful email signatures and it works with Gmail, Yahoo, and

Google Chrome Extensions Image 4
Screenshot of my WiseStamp Dashboard


What I love about most about Wise Stamp is it adds all these sorts of extras (like your tweet, your latest blog post, company logo etc) which it will import into the extension.

The result is a beautiful email signature that will make your emails look and feel super professional and cool.

The free version of this extension works really well too.



Find Out More links are everywhere on the internet these days, pretty much everyone has seen one.

This Google chrome extension makes it easy for you to shorten your links directly without leaving your current window. This makes creating Bit links so much simpler and faster.

Publishers and bloggers find this extension extremely invaluable for their content promotion analytics dashboard is unmatched. It tracks clicks by country and regions giving enabling you gauge if people are actually reading your articles online.

11. Google AMP

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Google AMP simply stands for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

I recommend you read my article Top 5 SEO Trends of 2017 to find out more about AMP and what it can do for your website.

If you care about SEO now and into the future, you probably should consider installing Google AMP.

According to Google, the key strength of AMP isn’t just that it makes your pages fast, but that it makes your pages fast in a way that can be validated.

The AMP browser extension will automatically validate each AMP page visited and gives a visual indication of the validity of the page as a coloured icon.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 6


12. Facebook Pixel Helper

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Marketers who don’t have a huge advertising budget  use a technique called Conversion Rate Optimization to funnel more their existing traffic into sales.

An example of conversion rate optimization is adding the Facebook Pixel to your website allowing you to track the behaviors of your visitors while they’re on your website.

Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension currently only works with Chrome.

Once installed a small </> icon will appear on your Chrome’s bar. When it’s grayed out, it means that no Facebook Ads pixel has been found on the page you’re browsing.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 5
Screenshot of my Facebook Pixel Helper Icon


Pixels are basically a few lines of JavaScript you need to insert in your website in order to track when a user from a Facebook Ad buys something on your website (conversion pixel).


13. Last Pass

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Last Pass is a widely used password management tool that you can easily incorporate into your browser.

If you always forget your passwords, trust me this tool was made for you and me.

It remembers all your login usernames and passwords for as many websites you wish to sign up to, it’s extremely secure plus It’s free!

The tool allows you to manage all your password from your secure dashboard which they call a “Vault”.

All you need to remember is the password to your vault and you’re all set.

Last Pass will send you alerts of any suspicious activity detected in any of your accounts.

It also acts as password generation tool, helping generate “strong” auto-generated passwords for all your websites.


Take Home,

As we come to close of the year now is the best time to start making plans that will significantly boost your business this coming year.

To save you the pain of sorting through hundreds of extensions that aren’t valuable to your business, you can make use of  our list.

These Google chrome extensions will significantly boost your productivity online and soon you won’t be able to navigate online without them.


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Mentionlytics: Simple Tool To Monitor Your Brand’s Online Mentions

Mentionlytics: Simple Tool To Monitor Your Brand’s Online Mentions

Ever wondered how you can monitor and manage your brand’s online reputation?

Mentionlytics is an intelligent brand monitoring tool that enables you to listen to what people are saying about your brand online.

I got introduced to the tool about three weeks ago and I must say I love it!

I would recommend this tool for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s), individuals public figures, bloggers, actors, and musicians.

Why monitor your online reputation?

We all saw what happened to Chase Bank earlier this year, everything they worked so hard for came undone in just a couple of hours.

Negativity spreads quickly online and may have a huge impact on how people view your business.

If you have access to a negative mention of your brand ideally you would want to join in the conversation.

This will help clear up misunderstandings and spread more awareness of your brand. Immediately solving any problems before they escalate.

According to a report by 83% of consumers say online reviews influence their perceptions about companies.

Your brand’s reputation both online and offline means everything and finding negative reviews and comments can be a challenge.

Daily monitoring of your brand mentions is a simple and easy way to tackle this challenge.

Mentionlytics is a simple and easy tool that tracks different types of mentions of your brand from a variety of sources.

This tool does a good job of tracking all your brand mentions on social media and on the web.


Why Mentionlytics?

Easy to Setup

It as easy as inserting the names of all your brands and it does all the heavy lifting for you.

Screenshot of my Brand Keywords


Sentiment Analysis

A cool feature of this tool is it automatically classifies all your brand mentions as Positive, Negative or Neutral. 

Earlier I had given the example of how a single tweet brought a bank down in Kenya in three days.

Incidents such as these can be avoided by setting up notifications of you brand mentions and responding to them accordingly before they damage your reputation


Well-Designed Dashboards.

I really don’t know of any other tool that has better-looking dashboard than Mentionlytics (not even Google geeky)

If you’re a busy social media manager, managing several accounts you will find this tool a lifesaver.


Screenshot of my Mentionlytics Dashboard


What I love about their dashboard are the bold colors that will definitely grab your attention. Information is therefore presented in a way that you can easily understand.

Visual representation of your stats like the results shown above making it easier for you to instantly analyze and make appropriate decisions as needed.

Rather than you logging into all your social media platforms individually, Mentionlytics provides an easy way for you to track down all your mentions aggregating them into one dashboard.


Influencer Monitoring

As a marketer you’re always on the lookout for top influencers within your niche whom you can reach out to.

The objective of this is to develop meaningful relationships that can boost your brand’s online presence.

Mentionlytics gives you insights and data on top influencers and industry leaders within your niche. You can use this information to follow, monitor and reach out to them.

It is important to monitor influencers to see what they are saying about your brand or industry.

Marketing Leads

By tracking and monitoring Keywords related to your industry you will begin to get insightful data related to your market sector.

Once registered, it takes about 15- 20 minutes to scan and bring up all the mentions for the last month.

This information can then be presented in form of an infographic. This will help you discover new marketing leads within your industry that you probably didn’t even know existed.

Competitive Analysis

Wouldn’t you love to know what your competitors are posting online?

Staying ahead of your competitors is no easy task,  one of the best ways to achieve this is by running an in-depth online brand mention analysis.

This data then needs to aggregated into one place and be presented in a form that you can understand and use to make strategic decisions.

With Mentionlytics you can choose to watch all the Keywords of your competitors and the best part is it’s not limited to web searches, news sites or blogs.

You can use this tool to run a competitive analysis, to see where your competitors are getting likes and mentions.


I would strongly encourage you to go ahead and try Mentionlytics, it’s definitely an online tool worth checking out. You can try it here for free!

Other key features of the tool include Trello integration, infographic generation, and notification setup.

Mentionlytics gives business owners and individuals prime opportunities to monitor and respond to what their customers are saying about their brand online.

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