Twitter Ads: A Step By Step Guide

Twitter Ads: A Step By Step Guide

Is your business on Twitter? Twitter ads are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. The platform has over 320 million users and over 47% of users who usually follow a business are likely to visit the company’s website.

In my own business, I have had amazing results from the platform.

In terms of reach and engagement Twitter outperforms Facebook. What do you think?

Since Tweets get wiped from your stream so quickly, brands are practically forced to Tweet multiple times throughout the day to avoid getting lost in the clutter. This is what I love most about the platform because as a publisher I can constantly update fresh content and as a result increases my engagement.


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There are several reasons why you should consider using Twitter ads here are a few:

Attract New Followers

You can promote your account to increase visibility and grow your followers.

“Promoted accounts” will appear on the right-hand side of your page on the “Who To Follow” suggestions box.


Twitter Ads image 1

Drive Traffic and Conversions

By adding links to your tweets, you are increasing the chances of people clicking to your website. If you are using a link shortener such as Bitly, you can track the source and number of clicks the link received.

Quick Tip: Because of the 140 character limit, always shorten your links before adding them to your tweet.


From the advantages mentioned above, Twiter ads can be done in two ways. One by promoting your accounts and the other by promoting particular tweets.

I would recommend that you only promote tweets that have had the most engagement, as opposed to tweets that have received none. By doing this you end up spending less while still increasing the reach of your tweets.

For this article, we will cover Promoted Accounts.


Twitter Ads Set Up: Promoted Accounts


Visit Your Twitter Ads Accounts

Twitter Ads Image 2


Choose Your Country and TimeZone

Twitter Ads image 3


Input Your Tax Information

Whether you are charged VAT on your purchases of Twitter Ads depends on whether you are purchasing ads for business purposes and the country in which your business is located.

Choose Business

Twitter Ads Image 4

Select A Campaign Objective

Next, choose Followers from the Select a Campaign Objective menu, and give your new campaign a name.

Twitter Ads image 5


Set Up Your Campaign

Set the campaign dates and select the audience you want to target with your campaign.

Twitter Ads Image 6

Select Your Audience

Enter the location, gender and language of the people you want to reach and the devices you want your ads to appear on.

You can further target your audience by the people they follow, their interests, behaviors and demographics, the events they’re interested in and even the pets they have.


Twitter Ads Image 7


Set Your Budget

Once you’ve defined your audience, choose an amount you’re comfortable with to set your daily maximum budget and a total budget for the campaign.


Twitter Ads image 8


Choose Your Creatives

Create several variations of your tweets so you can see which perform best.


Twitter Ads Image 9


Now save and launch your campaign. It will go live once it’s been approved by the Twitter advertising team.


Once your campaign is up and running, you can begin reviewing the results and tweaking campaigns to improve their performance.

As with any marketing activity, it’s important to track and measure, so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

What do you think? Have you tried using Twitter Ads?

I hope this article has been helpful, As always I would love to hear from please leave a comment below.

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